The FDA has recently approved the use of laser for the treatment of fungal toenails.  The laser is a pain free, safe method of treatment that does not require the need for oral medication.  The success rate in recent studies is 70%.  Follow up is required in four (4) months to assess improvement.  If the nail is not responding, an additional treatment is performed at a discounted rate.

Insurance does not cover the cost of treatment.

Treatment for all ten (10) toes is $500.  In spite of the fact that only a few nails are affected, all nails are treated to avoid reoccurrence.

Payment at or prior to treatment is required.


There are a variety of treatments available for warts.  Lasers have been in use for many years.  Some lasers are very destructive and others less so.

The laser used in our practice normally does not require an anesthetic and after care is minimal.  Multiple treatments may be required at 10 to 14 day intervals, dependent on the size and volume of the warts.


Shockwave Therapy